Check your Railway PNR Status Online

Today Indian Railways offers various methods to check railway Passenger Name Record (PNR) status of passengers.  You will find the PNR on the top left corner of the ticket which is a 10 digit number.

PNR Status

PNR status helps the passenger to know the current status of his journey. Passengers use this PNR number to know whether his seat is confirmed and what is his seat number. 

Passengers can check their PNR status through various methods.

The are lot of website offering Railway PNR status of Passengers. 

Online PNR status can be checked by logging to 


You can check your PNR from 4Am to 11 PM.

To check the PNR status through sms type PNR followed by your 10 digit PNR number and send to 139.
 For eg: PNR 4156245625 and send the sms to 139. (Premium sms rates will be charged for sending the sms) 
You can also send your PNR number as sms to 9773300000 (Normal sms rates will be charged).

Harms caused by Passive Smoking - Second Hand Smoker

Each year more than 6oo thousand people were die world wide because of diseases caused through passive smoking. 

Children are more exposed to passive smoking and around 165,000 of them die as a result of this.
Passive and active smoking are injurious to health but there is no much awareness regarding passive smoking. 
There is more Active smoking but people are aware of it still they smoke without the knowledge that they are killing others because of their bad habit.

People are exposed to second hand smoke which are coming from other smokers and they do not know the impact of it. It slowly kills the person.

Father who had a habit of smoking stop smoking or at least do not smoke near their children and wife as they too are exposed to it and will cause severe diseases.

Passive Smoking is dangerous and do not allow anyone to smoke near you so that it helps to control diseases caused through it.

Passive Smoking is also called as Second Hand Smoking. Passive Smoking cause several disease like lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, respiration problems etc. 

www.keralapareekshabhavan.in - Apply for SSLC Certificate Duplicate Copy

You can Apply for SSLC Certificate Duplicate Copy through the website  www.keralapareekshabhavan.in 

Visit the website and click on Application Forms under Downloads Section in the left side below. Once you click application forms a list of applications form will be displayed. Click on Application For Duplicate Certificate.

SSLC Certificate Duplicate Copy

Application Form will be displayed in PDF format. Simply Print the Application Form and fill it. 

Documents Required:
  1. Application Form
  2. Chalan 
  3. Paper Advertisement (About the loss of SSLC Certificate)
  4. Original Certificate (If the original is damaged)
Submit the Form and the Document to the Head Master where the Student had completed SSLC.

Rate for applying the Duplicate Copy of SSLC Certificate is Rs 200 and if the certificate is applying for the third time then the fees will be Rs 500. 

The amount of fees should be remitted in the name of applicant into a Government Treasury of the Kerala State under Head of Accounts "0202-01-102-92 Other Receipts".

In case the applicant is residing outside the Kerala State the amount may be remitted into the State Bank of India (SBI) in Chalan under the Head of Accounts "077 B (c) I.S.S.A kerala"

If the SSLC Original Certificate is lost and cannot recoverable then the candidate have to produce a declaration which is attested by Magistrate of a Judicial Department under the seal of his court stating that the SSLC book is irrecoverably lost and tin what circumstances the certificate is lost. 

If the certificate is damaged then the original copy should be enclosed and if is not enclosed the reason should be stated as why the original part is not enclosed. 

Applicant have to publish the below Notice in any Daily News Paper befre applying for the Duplicate Copy. 

Publish in News Paper for Loss of SSLC Certificate
Application should be apply through the Head Master of the Students School. 

Kerala Plus One Admission and Allotment will be published in the website www.hscap.kerala.gov.in

Its better if there is a copy of SSLC Certificate. If the examination register number is unknown, can get it from the school where the student studied.

Application to be submitted with the SSLC Certificate number and Examination register number. For more details contact the Head Master of the School where the candidate studied his 10th standard or visit the website of Kerala Pareeksha bhavan www.keralapareekshabhavan.in
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