Use custom domain for your blogger blog

In order to change your domain name into a custom one... 

Firstly register a domain name with an Internet domain registrar or a web hosting company. If you own a domain name you can use it or for registering a new domain name visit any web hosting company.To know how to Register a Domain Click here.
After Registering a Domain name Log on to the Domain Registrar Website. Here i am selecting Go Daddy. Visit www.godaddy.com and Login using your Customer ID and Password.

After Log in Click on My Account Under Account Manager. Select the Domain Name which is Registered in your account and you will directed t the Domain Details Page.

Click on Launch under DNS Manager

Under A (Host) you have to add some information for that Click on Quick Add and add @ as Host and Under Points to add and TTL as 1 hour again click on Quick add and add @ as Host and as points to and 1 hour as TTL. do the same 2 more time and only points to will be changed to in the third and in the forth. After that click Save Zone File. For a brief understanding please see the image below.

Then you have to go to Host www in the CNAME (Alias) and change the points to and give ghs.google.com and TTL to 1 hour and Click Save ZOne File. See the image for better understanding. 

After entering these details and Clicking on Save Zone File Simply go back to Domain Details again and Click on Forward and Click on Forward Domain from the Drop down list. As shown in the image.

 You will see a Box where you have to enter the website address as shown in the image and click on the Update the DNS Settings and Click on ok. You have done.
After all these Setting go to www.blogger.com and Login so that you can change the setting of the blog you would like to use your domain name. After Login 

Click on Setting then click on Publishing.

Then click on Custom Domain.

In the Advanced Settings enter the Domain name we registered and Use a missing file host will be No and enter the Word for Verification and Click Save Settings. 

You have to tick on Redirect yourname.com to www.yourname.com and Click on save Setting and You have Done.

If everything is completed correctly your blog can be accessed using your own domain name. 
Have Fun....

How to Register a Domain Name

For Registering your own Domain Name there are several domain registration website which helps to register your domain name easily. 

Here I am giving an example of a domain registrar named www.godaddy.com where you can register a domain using your Debit or Credit card or by using your Paypal account.
Simple visit the website and enter your desired domain name without typing www and please select .com or .in or .org etc and click go. You can select this on the second page as you can see the price for each domain also there. If your domain name is available you can proceed to next step or else you have to give a different name for registering.

After that click Continue to Registration

Go daddy offers your name in 3 or 4 variations for an offer price if you want like youname.com, yourname.net, yourname.in etc for an offer price if you want to register you can select it or else click No thanks.

Then create your Domain registration Information by entering all desired information and click Next.

Here you can enter the number of years from 1 to 5 s that you can register your domain up to 5 years and select certified or uncertified. For make your domain certified you have to pay extra. Its not compulsory to certify your domain.

Your domain is on auto renewal so that it will renew automatically before the expiry or you can select it as manual. then click next.

Next page is for Privacy and Domain Protection where you can protect your domain name. you can select any one or simply click next. If you select the second or third your amount will change.

It will allotted one e-mail in association with your domain as admin@yourdomain.com and if you need mre e-mails you can buy 5 to 10 mails and if you need Hosting you can select it or if you need only a domain name simply click next.

You can click Continue to Checkout if everything was perfect.

Here enter Account Information (Account Type: Personal) then enter Login Information simply giving Password, confirm your password, Your Password Hint and a 4 digit Call in PIN and select how did you hear about godaddy and click Continue to Checkout

Here Select Your Payment Method From Credit Card, Gift Card, Check or Paypal. Check is Valid only in USA. You can Select Credit Card and Give Credit Card or Debit Card Information or do payment using your Paypal.

If you are choosing Credit Card give your Card Number, Your Name as in the card, What type of card it is, Expiry date of the card, You can Tick on use this for express check out and in the step 4 read the terms and conditions and tick to accept the terms and conditions and select Place Order Now.

You will get a Confirmation and you can select one e-mail or give a desired name for your mail and You have done.

For any queries don't hestitate to contact us by giving a comment and your comment will answered.

How to Change the Date of Birth in SSLC Book

Now you can correct your date of birth in your Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) Book without much difficulties. You can download the application for this from the website http://keralapareekshabhavan.in/ and fill the form and submit to the Pareeksha Bhavan along with 2 copies of your Birth Certificate which was attested by the Gazetted officer.

For correcting the Date of Birth the application should be submitted before 15 years after the leaving the School or after the date of appearing for SSLC exam. 

Firstly the Student have to Download the Application Form from the website of Kerala Pareeksha Bhavan. Visit the website and click on Application Form under Download in the Left Side of the Website. 

Then Download the Application Form for Change of Date of Birth and Print the Application Form. 

Candidate have to Fill the Application Form Clearly without any mistakes. If the Candidates Name in the Birth Certificate is different from the SSLC Book he have to get it certified from the Village Officer or Thahsildar.

He Have to Fill all the Details of his Education from 1st Standard to 10th Standard including the Admission Number and Date of Admission.

Then the candidate have to attach an envelope of 32 cm x 25cm size and having stamps affixed worth of Rs 42. Then Twp covers of size 24cm x 9cm which have stamps affixed worth of Rs 27 each in both covers. 

In the First Cover Write your proper address so that you will get the corrected SSLC book delivered by post to your Mail address.

In the second small cover the address of the authority who issued the Birth Certificate have to be mentioned. In the third small cover write the address of The Joint Commissioner. (read the instruction for the proper address)

Candidate have to take 3 Copies of Birth Certificate and get it attested by a Gazetted Officer. 

Candidate have to take a Chalan of Rs 500 in the Head of Accounts 0202-01-102-92. Applicant Name and Purpose of Payment should be clearly mention.

Once all the documents have be prepared submit the Apllication to the Head Master where the Student had completed his SSLC.

Submit in the Order

1. Filled Application Form
2. Original Birth Certificate and 3 copies (Attested)
3. Original Chalan
4. Original SSLC Book
5. Identification Form from the Village Officer or Thahsildar (If the Name of the Candidate is not same in birth certificate and SSLC Book)
6. A Big Cover (in order to put all the documents and send to the Pareeksha Bhavan)

Head Master will check all the documents and the filled application form and write a covering letter and put all the documents and the application form in the Cover and return to the candidate.

Candidate have to seal the cover and  Write Correction of Date of birth .... Educational  Dist. at the top and Write Proper Address ‘The Joint Commissioner, Office of the Commissioner for Government Examinations, Pareeksha Bhavan, Poojappura, Thiruvananthapuram - 12 and affix stamp and send to the address mentioned above.

Once your application is received you will get a sms to your mobile number abut the receipt of the application form. You can note down the reference number which can be used for future references and to track the status of the application through the website. 
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